Feb 232014

And here’s a costume ref concept from a fun project i’m crankin on right nowz – inked on the crappiest, bleediest paper you can imagine. woot only 98 more pages of it to use. :-/
Technically, the extra arms shouldn’t be … posed … but at this point i cant resist the chance to emote more hands.

Haven’t posted much here since mid december – trying to get the kinks worked out of my domino stack of social media updates to make life easier. Lots more to show very soon!


Sep 092013

Did this “Chuck” Bargue last night. Been a while since i’ve done one of these, but i gotta keep cranking through them. Get past the feet sooner rather than later. While working, i took a nice hi-res SLR pic about every ten minutes. I say “about every ten minutes” because i was using a timer app on my phone. So, to be honest, it actually took me a little over two (2) hours.

You can watch the entire process in 12 seconds. The GIF is a little unweildy at 3.5 mb, so it’ll take a few minutes to load. First time i’ve done one of these. I’ll have to do it again since i’m okay with how this turned out…

Final finished page:

Added some grey, aqua, and some true blue spray paint splatters to balance out the bland yellow expanse of the page. Couldn’t include these in my procedural GIF, since I cant use spray paint indoors. sorry. this teal glow around final plate was done with acrylic paint. This particular color and its associated midtones lost a lot of quality with sRGB export selected in Photoshop. Had to export without sRGB selected to preserve the “Adobe RGB” profile.

thanks for looking!

Sep 072013

About 1 hour, 15 minutes? Avocado and shipping box drawn from life days earlier. Block lettering from imagination.


by the time i finished here i was in the long shadows of a building behind me.


when i finished:


when i began:


Sep 052013

Currently working on the next instalments of the series of these Bargue studies, although i’ve already erased a faulty lay-in 3 or 4 times. The plates are getting tougher as i get farther into the book – more dynamic, time consuming, but more beautiful and expressive too. I’ve opted to do them on stained sketchbook pages with inkwash and casein, a method of sketching i’ve used a few years now that i find portable, quick, flexible, and expressive. Part of the challenge, and the benefit, from this lengthy undertaking is to more or less master this technique. The initial lay-ins are with graphite, all erased before rendering out. There are a few small areas here where i’ve hidden mistakes under a gouache layer that approximates the background texture. additionally, in the very last plate – the twisting foot – i used  gouache and some light dusting of spray paint in the background.