Mar 132014

dress study in ink marker and spraypaint

besides cropping, the phone numbers i had to hide below and the vector nectar watermark, this is untouched post scan-wise. The paper is probably 40 year old 20# legal paper that an old friend gave me years ago. drawn from life, vintage dress on ancient dress form. tryin a get back in the swing after a very rough couple weeks there. bear with me pretty please? thank you kindly for looking.

Feb 232014

Somehow i have to get a few of these books. For now i will spare you most of the piss poor hands i studied from the volume JUST devoted to hands. I’m tryin to loosen up and draw in graphite again. Finding that i want to treat it like ink sorta. Not the right way to look at it.

Graphite is grey, after all.

Feb 232014

And here’s a costume ref concept from a fun project i’m crankin on right nowz – inked on the crappiest, bleediest paper you can imagine. woot only 98 more pages of it to use. :-/
Technically, the extra arms shouldn’t be … posed … but at this point i cant resist the chance to emote more hands.

Haven’t posted much here since mid december – trying to get the kinks worked out of my domino stack of social media updates to make life easier. Lots more to show very soon!


Oct 312013


Somewhere online I stumbled upon this terrifying and beautiful vision of the inside of a sea turtle’s mouth. Terrifying. Beautiful tonal and warm and cool shifts. Immediately i knew it was an image which i’d make a study to record. So much subtlety and ferocity.

There’s a drawing group i’ve been going to on thursday nights. Really good energy and cool people. Good getting out of the studio a little bit. Did the lion’s share of this one, from sketch to underpainting (on 9×11 watercolor paper) at the meeting. woke up the next morning cuddled up with gouaches, casein, and ink to finish it up.